After the chaotic encore, Somi addressed the reason for bad live singing

A whole video was uploaded to address what happened in the previous encore stage, but then Somi left the viewers confused with an extremely short performance. 

 After nearly a week of silence since Somi won 1st place on the music show show M! Countdown, Mnet recently uploaded a special version of Somi’s “controversial” encore stage. The previous encore received many conflicting opinions about Somi’s ability to sing live, when she did not focus on the main job but only messed around and focused on eating a lemon, making her encore stage look very ‘chaotic’. As for the live singing, the viewers could only hear a few lines clearly and Somi constantly sounded out of tune.

 In this new video, Somi had an explanation for her live singing, and performed a better version to compensate for the messy stage before. However, Somi then delivered a short performance with only… 10 seconds, making the viewers confused.

Somi explained that she had to eat a whole lemon, instead of sliced pieces so she couldn’t sing properly.
She herself also regrets that stage, so she will perform a more serious one.
 But then all the viewers see is a performance with a few short lines that last for… 10 seconds.

Somi addressing the reason even lasted more than a minute while she sang for only 10 seconds. And the entire remaining half of the video is just replaying Somi’s old encore, the only difference is a closer angle version!

 Many people cannot help but question the purpose of posting this video. If Somi wants to fix the shortcomings of her previous stage with a better performance, she should have sang a complete song. If the only purpose is to upload a more close-up version of the last encore stage, then what’s the point of explaining and making the viewers expect something better but then disappointing them again? 

Sources: k14

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