ONE’s mature look after leaving YG: A “legit” rapper with hip-hop styles

The male rapper ONE recently shared his new sexy hip-hop look, making fans excited and look forward to his comeback.

After leaving YG and establishing her own studio, ONE (Jung Jaewon) remains silent, without updating on social media platforms. For a long time, his personal Instagram was completely empty. The male rapper seemed to have disappeared from the entertainment industry, making fans worried. Therefore, his unexpected return on October 10 has caught the attention of K-pop fans.

The latest picture shared by ONE on his Instagram.

ONE posted a new picture on his personal Instagram account after a long hiatus. Notably, in this new picture, he looks somewhat different compared to the time when he was still under YG Entertainment. The rapper shared a black and white photo of him with long hair covering his face, exuding a “bad boy” aura. The revealed tattoos on his body give off strong and attractive feelings.

Fans are always looking forward to more updates from ONE. 

Being surprised by their idol’s new mature look, fans couldn’t help but feel excited. Many netizens left comments saying that apparently after leaving YG, ONE has embraced the iconic hip-hop qualities that was his brand at Show Me The Money. Fans are expecting ONE to come back with a huge project and officially release new music. 

  • Is this the rapper who used to debut with a ballad song?
  • I love this style so much.
  • He’s back with the signature hip-hop style like in Show Me The Money. ONE, come back quickly!
  • He’s been on a hiatus for so long, now he suddenly returns and drives people crazy.
  • Hurry up and come back, you’ll lose the hype if you take a break for too long 

Before entering YG Entertainment, ONE was known as a member of 1PUNCH, along with the male idol Kim Samuel of Brave Brothers. However, the group quickly disbanded because they couldn’t stand out in the competitive K-pop market.

ONE and Samuel used to be active in the group 1PUNCH

After that, ONE decided to join the hip-hop survival show Show Me The Money. With his talent and visual, ONE quickly caught the eye of many K-pop major agencies such as YG and SM, etc. Eventually, in September 2015, he officially joined YG Entertainment.

ONE’s handsome appearance captures the heart of many fangirls. 

YG once considered giving ONE a slot to debut in the boy group WINNER. However, in the end, the company decided to let him debut as a versatile soloist who can be active in different fields such as singing, rapping, composing and even acting. Thanks to his good looks and attractive vocals, ONE owns a stable fan base. He was also called one of the top male visuals of YG.

ONE used to be considered by YG to become a member of WINNER. 

After 4 years of working as a solo artist under YG, ONE did not really gain any outstanding achievements compared to other artists in the company. At one point, YG seemed to have “frozen” all his activities, making fans worried and mad. In July 2019, after about 4 years of working together, ONE officially left YG Entertainment and decided to become an independent artist.

Many fans were happy and supported ONE’s decision. They want the male rapper to develop his talent and visual in the right direction instead of letting YG waste his potential. Moreover, YG was also said to cause ONE to lose the iconic hip-hop style that was his brand during Show Me The Money.

Many netizens believe that ONE lost its hip-hop image during his time in YG

Although ONE is no longer a part of YG, a big entertainment company, fans are always looking forward to his next explosive release after a long hiatus. Moreover, if ONE continues to follow the hip-hop concept that suits him well, he will definitely achieve success.

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