After the 59th Baeksang, Hu Guanghuan, from ‘Someday or One Day,’ to visit Korea again in May with his new movie

Taiwanese actor Hu Guanghuan’ll visit Korea for movie promotion

According to the Xports News on the 30th, Hu Guanghuan will visit Korea on May 12th to promote his movie “Marry My Dead Body”. He is planning to participate in various official events such as a press conference and a GV to promote the movie, which is set to release in Korea on May 17th.

“Marry My Dead Body” is a comic action blockbuster that portrays the unique collaboration between the energetic detective Wu Minghan (played by Hu Guanghuan) and the unjustly deceased soul Mao Mao (played by Lin Baoguang).

In the movie, Hu Guanghuan transforms himself into the role of the simple and ignorant but passionate detective Wu Minghan through his outstanding action and comic acting. He is also raising expectations by showing a completely different character from his romantic image in “Someday or One Day”, including bold exposure.

Hu Guanghuan

“Marry My Dead Body” won the Audience Choice award at the 16th Asian Pop-Up Cinema held recently in Chicago, USA. It was also nominated in the competition section of the 25th Udine Far East Film Festival, held on the 29th in Italy. The movie will be released exclusively at CGV theaters on May 17th.

Hu Guanghuan, who debuted in 2013, gained huge popularity in Asia with the Taiwanese drama “Someday or One Day” in 2019, rising to stardom. He previously visited Korea for the domestic promotion of the movie “Someday or One Day” in January and as an award recipient at the 59th Baeksang Arts Awards on the 28th.

Hu Guanghuan IU
Hu Guanghuan kim jong-kook

After attending Baeksang, on the 29th, Hu Guanghuan posted several photos on his Instagram with the caption “Thank you Baeksang (謝謝百想)” showing his selfies with Lee Je-hoon, Kim Jong-kook, Noh Yoon-seo, IU, and other Korean stars.

He expressed his gratitude towards Lee Je-hoon, saying, “It is an honor to be with you. Thank you for being so kind.”

In particular, the attention was drawn to the photo he took with IU, whom Hu Guanghuan revealed himself to be a big fan of when he visited Korea last year. He also mentioned in a recent interview with a Taiwanese media outlet that he would like to work with IU someday.

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