After dating announcement with Lee Jong Suk and drama role with Park Bo Gum, another IU news makes fans clap 

IU made another secret donation to people with disabilities. 

On January 30th, the official homepage of Miral School posted the song and sheet music, which IU participated in as a featured artist, called “One Step Further”.

“One Step Further” is a song that expresses what Kim Je Hwi, a composer and musician well-known for composing IU’s songs, “Through the Night,” “dlwlrma” and “Heart,” felt while working at Miral School. (Because the song is not produced for profit, it cannot be currently streamed on music platforms. It can be downloaded from the official website of Miral School.)

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Miral School is a private special school in Seoul, established in 1997 to create an educational environment for people with developmental disabilities.

IU reportedly donates about 4.3 billion won annually to underprivileged children, disaster relief, etc.

On the other hand, on December 31 last year, IU announced that she has been dating actor Lee Jong Suk. The two openly confessed their affection for each other through their respective fan cafes, receiving congratulations from many people.

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In addition to her dating news with Lee Jong Suk, IU’s movie “Dream” will be released this year. She has also been cast to lead the upcoming drama “You Have Done Well” alongside Park Bo Gum. 

“You Have Done Well” unfolds the adventure-filled life of Ae Soon, a rebellious girl born in Jeju in the 1950s, and Gwan Sik, a hardworking and quiet guy. 

IU plays Ae Soon, who dreams of becoming a poet even though she can’t even go to school, and Park Bo Gum plays Gwan Sik, who loves and respects Ae Soon.

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