After all the waiting, Jisoo’s fans can finally see their idol’s radiant beauty in Europe

The hashtag #JISOO_DiorParisFW is No.1 on Twitter’s worldwide trending in just over 20 minutes, showing the anticipation and interest of fans around the world for Jisoo’s appearance at Dior Paris Fashion Week

Jisoo’s gorgeous hair and face capture the hearts of many people. Thanks to her visual, Jisoo easily stands out from the crowd, even among models.

However, there are many mixed reactions when placing Jisoo next to a model wearing look 66 in Dior’s Resort 2022 collection. Many comments claim there is a clear difference between the aura of a high fashion model and a young idol.

Earlier, the journalists and fans were present very early. Many fans have showed up just to see Jisoo. Her popularity is no joke!

Since her arrival at the airport heading to Paris, to her appearance at this big fashion event, Jisoo’s every move is paid attention to by netizens.

Everyone looks forward to her not only because she is Jisoo but also because she is a rising brand ambassador of Dior.

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