After the sexual harass scandal against Jungkook (BTS), rapper CupcakKe came for Chungha

This female rapper tweeted that Chungha’s moves are what she does whenever she needs to use the bathroom.

Currently, an American rapper called CupcakKe is under fire for insulting a K-Pop artist, Chungha. Specifically, CupcakKe has shared a dance video of this I.O.I’s ex-member along with the caption: “These the dances I do when I got to pee foh”.

She even replied to the fans who disagree with what she said: “Who? Chungha? Are you asking me if I chew gum??? I’m confused.

After this rapper insulted Chungha on SNS, many K-Pop fans are upset and demand an apology from CupcakKe. However, this American rapper silently deleted the tweet without any reply.

Korean netizens react tot his: “Chungha doesn’t even know about this girl”, “What’s wrong with her? Why would she dances while using the WC?”, “Who is this woman? Looks like an unfinished pile of dough”, “This girl looks just like the piece of blood sausage I ate yesterday”,…

CupcakKe is known to be a scandalous rapper on SNS. Famous for her “dirty rap”, this 22-year-old artist is never afraid to disrespect any celebrity. Before this incident, CupcakKe has sexually harrassed Jungkook (BTS), insulted Jay Park, Camilla Cabello,…despite the furious reaction and criticism from netizens.

Source: Tinnhac

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