After a series of scandals of Lucas, what will the future of NCT be?

The future of the group with the largest number of members SM Entertainment is extremely uncertain after a series of scandals of the member with the most fans in the group…

In recent days, in a row, 4 ex-lovers of Wong Yuk Ki or Lucas, a member of WayV (NCT’s sub-unit) have continuously publicized their old relationship with this guy and a series of accompanying scandals. Currently, Lucas is the focus of attention of many fans because he has always kept a bright and clean image, also known as NCT’s golden personality member.

Lucas’ first scandal broke out on the night of August 23 when a Chinese girl accused him of gaslighting. On August 24, two more girls also claimed to be Lucas’s ex-girlfriend, with the evidence were screenshots of Lucas’ conversations with them. Even more shocking is that on the night of the 24th, a guy also stood up to say that he was Lucas’s ex-boyfriend and added many other shocking details like Lucas had sex since the age of 13 with a girl and he was very proud of it.

A series of scandals that broke out at the same time made Lucas become the center of criticism. However, in the midst of this big storm, many people are extremely worried about the future of NCT.

NCT was founded in 2016 and is known as the most populous group in SM with the number of members reaching 23. Currently, NCT ​​is working with 4 subunits, respectively NCT ​​U, NCT Dream (subunit with teenager members), NCT 127 (fixed line-up that mainly works in Korea), and WayV (the lineup that mainly works in China).

On April 9, 2016, NCT-U was the first subgroup to mark NCT’s official debut on the music floor with the song “7th Sense”. On September 19, 2016, the second sub-unit NCT 127 was also officially released. Right from the first mini-album “NCT #127” with the title song “Firetruck”, NCT 127 has achieved great success on Korean music charts. The album topped the Gaon Chart and number two on the Billboard Album Chart with over 60,000 copies sold and a total of 180,000 album sales for the year. “Fire Truck” also debuted at number one on the iTunes charts in eight countries.

This group continuously achieved the next great success when sub-units were established to cover the entire world music market. NCT has built a huge, strong fanbase after just over 3 years of establishment.

NCT continues to work hard to release a series of new products such as “God’s Menu”, “Cherry Bomb”, “Boss”, “Regular”,… and become one of the most popular boy groups in Korea.

So will NCT’s image in the public’s heart stay as strong as before after a series of Lucas’s scandals?  Lucas recently also posted an apology letter on his Instagram and confirmed that he would reflect on himself. Soon after, SM Entertainment also made an official statement about this incident and announced that the music video for “Jalapeño” would also not be released.

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