aespa’s new song might be too similar to SuperM’s music, said netizens

aespa recently released the new song “Illusion”.

According to SM Entertainment, the Kpop girl group aespa will comeback with their 2nd mini album “GIRLS” on July 8th. While the group is currently embroiled in a lip-syncing scandal at university festivals, they are still expected to fire up the summer and successfully branch into the US music industry.

Teaser poster for the mini album “GIRLS”

aespa also recently announced their contract with the American record firm Warner Records, in order to release their English single “Life’s Too Short”, which they previously performed at the 2022 Coachella. This will be the girl group’s first move targeted at the US market. 

aespa will promote in the US after signing with Warner Records 

Amid this comeback hype, aespa suddenly dropped the song “Illusion”, which is said to be a part of their future album. The song, which has a catchy melody and electronic sounds, perfectly embodies the spirit of aespa. 

While “Illusion” came completely unexpected, the song quickly drew the attention of fans and the public alike. Still, there have been opinions that “Illusion” may sound too similar to the sound of  SM project group SuperM, and may be another case of SM switching songs between its artists. 

Some comments from netizens: 

  • This is truly aespa! The structure of the song resembles “Savage”, but the melody is soothier, so it is quite easy to listen to
  • So good, but does it sound too much like SuperM? I can imagine each member of SuperM singing this from the very first lines. 
  • The logo kind of feels like SuperM…
  • Anyone like me who feels the melody is so predictable? Basically any avid fan of aespa can tell where this song is going. 
  • Is SM “recycling” old songs for aespa again…
“Illusion” is receiving mixed reactions among listeners and said to sound like SuperM. 

Source: K14

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