aespa shocked netizens as they wore children-sized outfits on “Savage” stage

The size of the clothes worn by aespa members on stage caught netizens’ attention.

Several photos of aespa‘s actual stage costumes were uploaded on the Facebook page “Idol Issue” on Nov 13th. These costumes were worn by Karina, Giselle, Winter and Ningning on the stage of “Savage”. They were all small enough to be used as child mannequins.

aespa wore children-sized outfits

Netizens who saw the actual costumes left comments such as “How skinny”, “I feel like it’ll explode if I wear it”, “I can’t believe the size of aespa members.”

aespa wore children-sized outfits
aespa wore children-sized outfits

Meanwhile, aespa took first place in the top 5 daily users of songs released by girl groups on Melon Chart in 2021. On the online community “troll0516” on Nov 5th, according to the number of daily users of songs released by girl groups through Melon in 2021, aespa’s “Next Level” recorded 507,492 daily users.

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