This “Big Mouth” actress was rumored to be so pretty in high school that many entertainment agencies wanted to recruit her 

Actress Kim Kyu-seon is scheduled to meet the viewers through “Big Mouth” and “The Witch’s Game”. 

Actress Kim Kyu-seon appears as Ashley Kim, the wife of Woojung Ilbo president Gong Ji-hoon (Yang Kyung-won) in MBC’s drama “Big Mouth”. Ashley Kim is a Korean-American character with a Western mindset and she will have a confrontation with Hyun Joo-hee played by Ok Ja-yeon.

Kim Kyu-seon is an actress who has made a strong impression on the viewers and fans by appearing as a scene-stealer in various famous dramas and movies. With her pure beauty and stable acting skills, she is carrying out various acting activities and her future journey is raising high expectations.

Kim Kyu-seon has been outstanding since her debut in the entertainment industry. She graduated from Anyang Art School and she was rumored to have been so pretty ever since she was a student. Due to this reason, she directly came to an entertainment agency and they let her debut in the entertainment industry. 

As a result, she immediately prepared to be trained as a member of a girl group. It is said that Yang Ji-won, a famous member of girl group Spica, used to train with Kim Kyu-seon. Unfortunately, Kim Kyu-seon quit being an idol trainee after a month because of her bad singing skills.

After graduating from Anyang Arts High School, Kim Kyu-seon finished her studying in the Department of Theater and Film at Dongguk University and made her official debut through MBC’s drama “The Woman Who Still Wants to Marry”. At that time, she was only 21 years old and played a minor role. She continued to take on supporting roles in popular dramas, such as “Salamander Guru and the Gang”, “Hotel King”, “The Scholar Who Walks the Night”, “Woman with a Suitcase”, etc.

In the meantime, she also joined various movie projects. In the 2016 movie “The King”, she appeared shortly as Jo In-sung’s lover in college days and left a strong impression.

By the time she was slowly making her presence known through “You’re Too Much”, she also appeared as Jang Tae-joon (Park Hae-il)’s secretary Park Eun-ji in the 2018 movie “High Society”. Kim Kyu-seon drew keen attention by showing off her sensuality and beauty through this work. At that time, the movie didn’t do well in terms of ratings, but it drew favorable responses from the audience thanks to her excellent acting performance.

After the success of “High Society”, Kim Kyu-seon starred in “Men Are Men”, “She Knows Everything” and “School 2021” one after another and became the scene-stealer. Afterward, she gradually expanded her acting activities by promoting her presence on the screen even more. As a result, Kim Kyu-seon is expected to present a better performance in “Big Mouth”. She is also raising the viewers’ anticipation for as she is known to join Jang Seo-hee, Oh Chang-seok, and Han Ji-wan in the next drama “The Witch’s Game”. 

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