Survival show “I-LAND” was called a flop show by Korean netizens but was still nominated for Emmy 2021

With great support from the two big companies that are BTS’s management companies – HYBE and Mnet, but I-LAND’s presence at the Emmy Award nomination seems to dissatisfy netizens.

I-LAND is a survival show produced by Mnet and HYBE. After 12 episodes, the show found 7 talented faces in the rookie lineup ENHYPEN, officially joining the entertainment industry from the second half of 2020.

Massively promoted on the mass media, taking advantage of HYBE’s famous, but I-LAND was disappointing because the program’s content did not create a highlight, just familiar competition motif and predictable results.

Notably, despite being rated flop at home, I-LAND was nominated in the entertainment category nomination of the Emmy Awards 2021. This information has surprised many viewers. What makes this program appear in the nomination of a world-famous award with many other excellent candidates?

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I-LAND unexpectedly entered the top nominations for the Emmy Awards 2021
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The survival show was born after the collab of Big Hit Entertainment and Mnet with a length of 12 episodes
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Massively promoted before the broadcast, but I-LAND was disappointed when it became a “bomb” with its lengthy development, uncreative motif, and complicated voting method.
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The group that came out of the show – ENHYPEN is still struggling to find a chance to shine despite having debuted for nearly a year under HYBE.
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According to statistics from Naver, the first two episodes of the show had ratings on Mnet of 0.3 and 0.4%, respectively. This number is surprising because it is lower than BOY24 – the survival show is considered the most flop in Mnet history.
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Recently, the producer Mnet announced that this survival show will return with a second season, in order to find a new girl group to conquer the global music market.

With the above factors, netizens are concerned about I-LAND’s ability to compete at this year’s prestigious global awards, against extremely heavyweights and heavily invested competitors.

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