A video of Jang Won Young sending kiss to fans in Paris has became a hot topic

IVE Jang Won Young, who went to Paris for a brand event, responding to the enthusiastic cheers of fans with extraordinary fan service.

On the 26th, social media sites such as Twitter blew up with images of Jang Won Young, who departed to Paris, France. Here, the female idol can be seen giving a smile and a blowing kiss to fans. 

One netizen also  posted video of Jang Won Young’s iconic kiss on her Twitter account, which quickly went viral 

In the released video, Jang Won Young smiled brightly at the fans cheering for her. At the same, her eternal visual and lovely appearance drew attention, and her fresh smile and clear features, enough to shake the hearts of fans.

As soon as the video was released, netizens showing excitement, at the same time wrote comments.like, “I’m so excited”, “Baby Queen”, “Isn’t she a real princess?”, and “Wow she was born to become an idol.”

Meanwhile, Jang Won Young’s group IVE released their 3rd single album “After LIKE” and a title song of the same name on August 22nd. 

Source: Insight

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