Yong Jun-hyung to make his comeback with a new album 4 years after leaving HIGHLIGHT due to “Jung Joon-young’s chatroom” incident

Singer Yong Jun-hyung, a former member of HIGHLIGHT, will return to music activities 4 years after leaving the group.

According to Yong Jun-hyung’s side on September 27th, Yong Jun-hyung is currently speeding up the last-minute works ahead of the release of his new album in over 4 years.

Yong Jun-hyung, who debuted as a member of the boy group BEAST (currently known as HIGHLIGHT) in 2009, is a talented artist with solid skills in various fields, including rap, vocal, performance, and producing.


Through various music activities, he has proved his versatile capabilities and composed numerous hit songs with trendy sounds and lyrics that drew deep sympathy. In particular, Yong Jun-hyung received huge love after releasing “Living Without You”, “FLOWER”, “After This Moment”, “WONDER IF”, “Sudden Shower” and his first solo full album “GOODBYE 20’s”.

However, Yong Jun-hyung was called out at the center of controversies in March 2019 as he admitted to having seen illegal videos shared by Jung Joon-young in the so-called “Jung Joon-young’s chatroom” incident. At that time, he apologized, “It’s also my fault that I did not realize the criminal act and firmly stop it”.


Due to this incident, Yong Jun-hyung announced his withdrawal from HIGHLIGHT and stopped all activities. After enlisting in the military on April 2nd, 2019, he was discharged in February this year.

Attention is focused on what kind of music Yong Jun-hyung, who is working hard to prepare for his comeback after 4 years, will present with his new album.

Source: Wikitree

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