Actress Kim Hee-sun Becomes A Content Director On Her 30th Debut Anniversary

Kim Hee-sun challenged herself as a content director by planning an exhibition with 6 famous artists

The first art project “Beautiful Gift 展” introduced by content director Kim Hee-sun was held on the 6th floor of the Hyundai Seoul in Yeouido with the attendance of Kim Hee-sun and contemporary artists Kang Hyung-gu, Kim Kang-yong and Lee Yi-nam.

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“Beautiful Gift 展” is a project participated by six contemporary artists representing Korea, such as Kang Hyung-gu, Kim Kang-yong, Park Seo-bo, Park Seok-won, Lee Woo-hwan, and Lee Yi-nam. The theme of the first project is “Our Beloved Artists – Finding Meeting”, it exhibits 130 works, including original paintings, media arts and art collaborations, of different genres.

Celebrating her 30th debut anniversary, Kim Hee-sun took on a new challenge by joining the planning of this special exhibition as a content director, not actress Kim Hee-sun. The actress revealed that the inspiration and emotions she got from artworks were very helpful to her entertainment activities.

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Mentioning the artists, Kim Hee-sun said, “The warm and friendly appearance of Kim Kang-yong, who always makes sure that everything about him is well-organized, looks very similar to Robert De Niro’s character in the movie ‘The Intern’”, adding “The coziness of Lee Yi-nam, a magician who connects the past and the future of the East and the West, was like Philippe Noiret in ‘Cinema Paradiso’”.

Kim Hee-sun, who visited the studio and participated in selecting artworks for the exhibition, shared, “I’m an actress. When introducing the artists, I thought combining them with movie characters in movies I enjoyed could help the audience understand them better. It was hard to choose the movie characters, but I felt so proud that many people loved the idea”.

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Regarding the reason she suddenly made a debut as a content director. Kim Hee-sun said, “I developed an interest and curiosity for paintings after playing Woo Ah-jin in ‘The Lady in Dignity’”, adding “I got to know the artists and was healed when seeing the paintings they sold. Then I realized that there are many great artists in Korea and I wanted more people to know them”.

She continued, “My challenge as a content director is not something big”, adding “I was able to do that because the artists agreed to join. I think they agreed to the plan because they acknowledged that I had been working hard in my own field for 30 years.”

“Beautiful Gift 展” will be open for visit until October 15th.

Source: Daum

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