When the husband and wife are both BIG BANG fans: A representation of a concert wedding, the wife with her bouquet made from lightstick.

Many fangirls are jealous with the wedding of the couple which both of them are Big Bang fans.

Dreams are not charged, so there is no fangirl who never wish to marry her idol. Being told about the story of an idol who has just official become husband and wife with his fan, everyone shout out with amazement: “I wish to be that girl”. However, in reality, dreams are just dreams, the wishing of marrying their idols is something really unrealistic.

Imagine your wedding day with the one you love, you hold a wedding bouquet with the lightstick inside walking down the aisle decorated the color representing your favorite band, isn’t it wonderful!

Recently, the wedding of a Big Band fans couple has made lots of other fan girls jealous.

Inspired by the World Tour Concert – The Event 2018, the couple had made their wedding that brought about the feeling of an emotional concert of their favorite singers. The hall was decorated with sparkling lights and the main color, red, then right in the middle, there’s a greeting “You are my only V.I.P”. Moreover, the couple also cared about the very small details from the photo-taking background, the wedding cake, the lightstick bouquet, to the decorations in crown shape – the symbol representing Big Bang.

As we know, the groom and bride are Fang and Lou. Many people seemed to be very amazed as they didn’t know they are a couple of Big Bang fans. That’s why their wedding were decorated so carefully and perfectly to the small details. Their fangirls friends were all envy with her because she could marry not only the one she really love but also the person who has the same music interest with her.

Netizens were so jealous with this “dreamlike wedding”:

“I do want to have a wedding like this, so simple, the only one thing needed is it has to be fully decorated in sapphire blue”
That exactly proves the saying “When I put on my wedding dress, become the bride of another man, you are still the most beautiful faith of mine”
“So jealous, I want to have a lightstick bouquet like that, too”
“Finding someone who loves her is hard, but she were able to marry a husband who has the same idols”
“Their baby’s lullabies will be Big Bang’s songs, then, their child will become a cute V.I.P baby. That’s so adorable!”

The pictures of this wedding has been impressing the Kpop fans community. There is nothing more amazing than having an ‘idol vibe’ wedding and marrying the one who are sympathetic and can share your hobby. How about you? Do you wish to have your wedding just like this?

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