Actor who plays “Big Mouth” main antagonist: Familiar face in K-dramas, dating rumors with Song Hye Kyo, and more

Besides Yoona and Lee Jong Suk, Kim Joo Hun is also a name that receives attention in the cast of “Big Mouth”.

Right from the first episodes, “Big Mouth” has received a lot of attention from the audience. Besides Yoona and Lee Jong Suk as the couple Go Mi Ho – Park Chang Ho, the character Choi Do Ha played by Kim Joo Hun is also a buzz-worthy name.

Choi Do Ha is the ambitious mayor of Gucheon City in the drama. He may even be the most dangerous villain in “Big Mouth”. So is there anything interesting about actor Kim Joo Hun in real life?

Kim Joo Hun turned out to have participated in many blockbuster projects recently

Although he is 42 years old, Kim Joo Hun’s acting career is not as long as his peers. He only started his acting career in 2013 through a small role in “Way Back Home” (starring actor Go Soo).

Kim Joo Hun has played 27 different roles in 9 years. It’s worth noting that he’s appeared in a slew of hit dramas in recent years. Some names can be mentioned such as Juvenile Justice (2022), Start-up (2020), Psycho But It’s Okay (2020), Dr. Romantic 2 (2020), 60-Day President (2019), Now now we are breaking up (2021-2022) and Encounter (2018-2019). Kim Joo Hun has also appeared in famous box-office blockbusters such as “The Princess And The Matchmaker”, “Memories of a Murderer”, and “Train to Busan”.’

One thing is clear: Kim Joo Hun appears to only play supporting roles. Nonetheless, he left his imprint on the projects he worked on. Accordingly, Kim Joo Hun has been named twice at the SBS Drama Awards: Best Supporting Actor in 2020 for the role of Park Min Guk in Dr. Romantic 2 and Excellent Actor award in 2021 for the role of Seok Do Hoon in Now We’re Breaking Up.

Caught up in a dating rumor with Song Hye Kyo

Earlier this year, Kim Joo Hun and Song Hye Kyo were entangled in dating rumors. These rumors started after Song Hye Kyo shared a photo of herself taking part in a concert that Kim Joo Hun went to. On the other hand, the actor also sent a coffee truck to the filming set of The Glory as a way to show his support for Song Hye Kyo. Notably, it was Song Hye Kyo who shared photos of the coffee truck and expressed gratitude to Kim Joo Hun.

Last April, Song Hye Kyo also excitedly shared on Instagram that she received flowers from Kim Joo Hun. Because of such sweet moments between the two, it is not surprising that they are shipped by fans. However, currently, it is safe to assume that they are only good friends and co-workers. 

Amazing singing skills

Not only can he act, Kim Joo Hun can also sing and play guitar like a pro. He once covered the song “Go With Me” with Kim Go Eun. Kim Go Eun’s clear voice and Kim Joo Jun’s deep, warm voice created a perfect blend that captured listeners’ hearts. 

After many times playing supporting characters, Kim Joo Hun was cast in a lead role in “Big Mouth”. Portraying the main antagonist, he promises to impress viewers with his acting and charm. 

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