A warm moment between Jimin and Mina (AOA) made netizens lose trust in Kpop idols: Who is acting?

On July 3, AOA’s former member Mina uploaded many posts on Instagram to accuse member Jimin of bullying her for 10 years while she was still in the group.

  Immediately, the incident shocked the public because Mina was said to have been harassed to the point that she left the group and suffered a severe mental illness. Mina then received an apology both directly and indirectly through Jimin’s Instagram post.

 However, this “insincere” apology made Mina extremely angry and continue to expose that Jimin used to bring men to their dorm and have sexual intercourse. Finally at midnight on July 5 (Korean time), the agency FNC Entertainment announced that Jimin officially left AOA and halted all activities in the entertainment industry.

 After the scandal broke out, many netizens dug up a series of evidence that Jimin indeed did not behave well to Mina and AOA also had inner problems.  However, among many negative videos and photos, suddenly a warm and lovely moment of Jimin and Mina appeared.  After seeing these GIFs, you will probably be as confused as Korean netizens.

At a past fansign, Mina (on the left) and Jimin sat next to each other.  Mina wanted to make a heart symbol with Jimin but the leader pretended not to like it to tease her member. Mina’s pouting expression at that time was extremely cute.

Jimin then made a heart with Mina and the girls both laughed happily. Not only that, Jimin also held Mina’s hand to make another heart.

This video was taken at AOA’s 2014 fansign. Many netizens shared that they did not know how to react to this moment. Obviously this is a very lovely and natural moment and both are smiling happily.  However, it turns out that what was hidden behind this is a bullying scandal, making Knetz all have goosebumps. Many Knetz said seeing this everyone would have thought the two had a nice relationship. However, now that they look back, they only feel sorry for Mina when she had to try to get along with Jimin – who is revealed to bully her for 10 years.

 Not only Korean netizens, but international netizens also feel sorry and even ‘shocked’ when seeing this video. The interactions between Jimin and Mina, both laughing and joking, look very pure and natural, this is also a moment that can be seen between many other Kpop idols in the group. If you’re a shipper, it’s even common to “sail the ship” for couples with such interactions. This has made many people lose trust in the sweet moments of Kpop idols in front of the camera: Which one is acting? Which one is real?

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