The male actor who proposed to Park Bo-young in public sent her a heart-fluttering video letter this time

Actor Wang Seok-hyun left a video letter full of affection for his senior Park Bo-young.  

In the “Thank you for growing up well” episode of MBC every1’s “South Korean foreigners” which aired on Jan 26th, actors Lee Kun-joo, Kim Sung-eun, Lee Young-yu, and Wang Seok-hyun, who were former child stars, revealed their recent status.

In particular, Wang Seok-hyun became the “National Grandchild” after appearing in the 2008 film “Scandal Makers” (Director Kang Hyung-chul) as the son Ki-dong of the daughter (Park Bo-young) of the main character Nam Hyun-soo (Cha Tae-hyun). He drew attention from viewers by leaving a video letter to actor Park Bo-young, who boasted perfect teamwork with him.

Scandal Makers

When MC Kim Yong-man asked, “I heard your first love was Park Bo-young, is it true?” Wang Seok-hyun was shy and said, “I don’t remember well, but they said I followed “mom” Park Bo-young a lot. If I think about it now, I think it could be true,” he confessed.

Wang Seok-hyun said, “After the filming, I didn’t want to be separated from “mom” Park Bo-young. To soothe me, Park Bo-young said she would buy me curry next time we met, but she hasn’t bought me curry yet.”

At the MC’s request Wang to send a video letter to Park Bo-young, in which he said, “You said you would buy me curry, but you haven’t bought it yet. Now that I’m an adult, I’ll treat you to curry,” he said.

Earlier, Wang Seok-hyun said on MBC’s “Radio Star”, which aired in May last year, “I cried once (while filming the movie). At that time, “mom” Park Bo-young has comforted me. I said something then. It was ‘If I stop crying, will you marry me?’” He confessed.

Korean Foreigners” airs every Wednesday at 8:30 p.m.

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