Korean goddess Jeon Ji-hyun drew attention as her beauty when she was in her 20s suddenly went viral again

While Jeon Ji-hyun (40 years old) is taking a rest after drama “Jirisan” ended, her appearance on an old Japanese broadcast when she was in her 20s is being re-examined and attracting keen attention.

A recent post on the online community FM Korea included photos of Jeon Ji-hyun when she appeared on a Japanese entertainment broadcast in 2009.

Jeon Ji-hyun in that broadcast drew admiration with her youthful beauty and long straight hair. The actress’s milky white skin and small face stood out, and they didn’t change much compared to that of her at the moment. With her skinny body and appearance in a simple dress, she “all killed” the Japanese cast with her chic eyes and distinctive facial features.

In particular, when asked by the cast members, she answered by blinking her eyes and showing sexy poses that captured the hearts of all male fans. She stole the attention by exuding her aura with her bright and mysterious eyes, drawing praises from everyone.

In the video attached in the post showed Jeon Ji-hyun answering the cast’s questions. When asked by the cast, “Are these Japanese home appliances?”, Jeon Ji-hyun replied, “Yes, I like it”. It seems like she didn’t understand the questions from the Japanese cast.

Meanwhile, tvN’s weekend drama “Jirisan”, which ended last month, drew attention as it was Jeon Ji-hyun’s return on the small screen. “Jirisan” is a mystery drama about a national park, and it was created with a production cost of about 30 billion won. Jeon Ji-hyun played the role of ranger Seo Yi-kang in Jirisan mountain, giving the small screen viewers thrilling tension and telling them touching stories. In contrast to Seo Yi-kang’s cool charisma on the outside, the human side of Seo Yi-kang was depicted through her warm voice tone and actions.


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