A top girl group that is making headlines these days revealed stories of their drinking habits

It’s not exaggerated to say that 2022 is the year of girl groups. Gaining huge love for their debut song “FEARLESS”, LE SSERAFIM made a spectacular comeback with their second mini album “ANTIFRAGILE” on October 17th. 

(G)I-DLE also drew keen attention by releasing their new song “Nxde” on the same day and is carrying out various promotional activities.

On October 13th, (G)I-DLE members appeared on the Youtube talk show “Street Alcohol Fighter 2” and shared some talks with MC Kim Hee-chul.

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When Kim Hee-chul asked about the members’ alcohol tolerance, leader Soyeon said, “Half a bottle of Whiskey”, impressing everyone with her unusual answer. Miyeon, the eldest member, surprised Kim Hee-chul as she revealed that she can drink one and a half to two bottles of Soju.

Thai member Minnie shared, “When I had free time, I drank one bottle of Soju by myself”. In the case of the youngest member Shuhua, she was the only person who had a soft drink during the recording because she can’t drink alcohol. 

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Chinese member Yuqi made an unexpected statement that she had never been drunk with beer. The members then corrected that Yuqi didn’t get drunk because she drank only a little.

“Drinking habits” is a topic that can’t be left out in discussions about drinking alcohol. Apart from their drinking tolerance, (G)I-DLE continued to bring up unusual episodes about their drinking habits.

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According to Minnie’s story, she and Miyeon used to take a taxi after their drink and the driver told them “Please, never vomit inside this cab! You can’t vomit her”. To prevent that from happening, Minnie took out a plastic bag and put it in front of Miyeon’s mouth. She then earnestly asked Miyeon to not vomit. 

Fortunately, Miyeon didn’t vomit, as if Minnie’s prayer had worked. Minnie then made everyone burst into laughter as she reenacted Miyeon when she was so drunk and couldn’t control her body.

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The story about Miyeon’s drinking habit didn’t end there. Soyeon shook her head and revealed that Miyeon talked about the same thing for about 7 hours when she was drunk. As Miyeon continued to talk until 8 a.m, Soyeon even wondered “Why isn’t she calling a taxi?”.

As Miyeon got angry, Soyeon immediately added, “I like talking with you, unnie”, drawing laughter.

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Other than Miyeon, all the members had their own stories about drinking habits. As Yuqi kept insisting that she doesn’t get drunk, Shuhua said, “You vomited once, didn’t you? I saw it”, exposing the fact.

The members then revealed that Shuhua, who cannot drink alcohol, was drunk once. According to the members, Shuhua lied down after she got drunk and kept asking for more alcohol. Everyone found this habit so cute.

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In addition, when Soyeon is drunk, her shyness would disappear and she becomes more talkative. Minnie, on the other hand, cried when she was drunk. 

Meanwhile, (G)I-DLE’s new song “Nxde” delivers the message containing the members’ strong determination to show their true selves and not follow the way people want them to be. Using the word “nude” as the title, the song expresses the real image of an unpainted individual. Shouting “You’re the pervert” and making a sarcastic look, the lyrics of the song are very impressed many music listeners.

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Regarding the concept of their new song, Soyeon, (G)I-DLE’s leader and producer, said, “We wanted to express our undecorated and confident appearance in comparison to the word ‘nude’. In a way, you may feel that it’s an obscene image and think ‘Isn’t it too revealing?’”.

She continued, “Our appearances with makeup are not real, our bare faces are the real ones. That’s the meaning of ‘Nxde’, me in my real self”, revealing her intention when planning this album.


The special meaning of “Nxde” drew admiration from global fans. As a result, (G)I-DLE’s album rose to No.1 on the iTunes Top Album Chart in 40 countries and regions, including France, New Zealand, Singapore, Brazil, Denmark, etc. 

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