MAMAMOO’s Wheein confessed her dissatisfaction with group member Hwasa 

Wheein made a complaint about Hwasa, whom she has been friends with since middle school.  

A video titled “MAMAMOO Hwasa’s universal nails” was uploaded on the YouTube channel “Naver NOW” on October 18th. The video features MAMAMOO members’ candid talks.  

On this day, Wheein called out Hwasa, saying, “Ahn Hye Jin (Hwasa’s real name)! Come out!” as she expressed her dissatisfaction with her group member. 


Wheein complained, “Take off your (artificial) fingernails! It’s even troublesome to button pants because of your fingernails.”

The other members smiled as they sympathized with what Wheein said and asked Hwasa, “Did you button your pants today?” Wheein then clenched her teeth, saying, “Not today, but (before), I had it (unbuttoned) for quite some time.”

mamamoo whee in

To Wheein, who was half joking and half serious, Hwasa responded, “I think this is teamwork.”

mamamoo whee in

The other members protested against Hwasa’s confident attitude, saying, “Then are you going to lock our (pants buttons)?” Hwasa said, “Instead, I’ll do something else. Say it when your back is itchy. I’ll also pick your nose.”

The long nails, which are like the symbol of Hwasa, have a special meaning to her.

Hwasa previously appeared on the YouTube channel run by member Solar and said, “Even when I get older, I will stay like this (maintaining long nails). I will take it to the grave and put it on my tombstone.” She added, “I’ve been decorating my nails since middle school. My nails are my identity.”

Source: wikitree

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