A thrilling rebellion from a Namoo trainee Park Ji-hyun of the ‘Reborn Rich’ 

‘Reborn Rich’ Park Ji-hyun is gaining great attention

The JTBC drama ‘Reborn Rich‘ became a ‘life work’ for all actors including Song Joong-ki and Lee Sung-min. The directing ability was outstanding in that one or two main characters did not monopolize popularity and topics, and all cast members appropriately divided the amount and plot in each episode and achieved synergy.

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As a result, the reputation of the actors in ‘Reborn Rich’ will also increase a notch, and it’s no wonder that the biggest beneficiary is Park Ji-hyun. In the drama, as Mo Hyun-min, the daughter of Hyeonseong Ilbo, who is married to the eldest son of Sunyang Group, she succeeded in captivating viewers by walking a tightrope every episode for her ambition.

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In episode 14, when she informed her husband about her pregnancy and warned, “If this child doesn’t become Soyang owner in the future, I can do anything”, Park Ji-hyun’s ability attracted attention. Even though she is a villain, proudly saying that she may be like the grandmother – who is dissatisfied with her inheritance and tries to kill her husband, viewers can still immerse themselves in the drama by watching her cynical acting.

A broadcaster said, “It is only a matter of time before Park Ji-hyun grows into a female lead.” She said, “It is a welcome phenomenon that there are few lead actors compared to the number of dramas produced.” In the industry, there are also evaluations that it is a delightful rebellion by trainees.

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A manager from Namoo Actors said, “Park Ji-hyun came into Namoo as a trainee with Song Kang and worked hard for nearly a decade,” adding, “It was never a shot.” He said, “The biggest advantage is that she has such a good basic skills and passion and has a wide spectrum that she can play any role in her style.”

Acting agencies, not idol companies, also operate a trainee system, and Park Ji-hyun was officially selected after entering Namoo through a public audition and signing a one-year trainee contract. Trainees are supported by the company for acting academies, but services such as beauty salons and meals are excluded, so many were left in the hungry and cold weather.

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The company follows the trainee’s potential, and the trainee also has a search period for each other, such as examining the company’s ability and vision, and Park Ji-hyun passed the process with her motivation. 

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