Member of a project girl group that topped Korean charts 7 years ago will lead JTBC’s healing drama “The Good Bad Mother”

Actress Ra Mi Ran is set to appear in a family drama “Bad Mom” alongside Lee Do Hyun. 

“The Good Bad Mother” is a healing comedy drama in which a mother Young Soon has no choice but to be a bad mother to her child so that he doesn’t turn out to be like her. While her son Kang Ho becomes successful later in life, he suddenly becomes a child through an accident, leading him back to his hometown. In the drama, Ra Mi Ran plays the mother Young Soon. 

Ra Mi Ran bad mom

A staple of the entertainment industry, Ra Mi Ran has worked in various fields, from acting in dramas and movies to appearances on entertainment programs. She debuted in the 2005 movie “Sympathy for Lady Vengeance” and has had several notable works such as “Reply 1988,” “Black Dog,” “Honest Candidate” and “The Last Princess.” Ra Mi Ran also has an invested interest in camping. 

Ra Mi Ran bad mom

In addition, Ra Mi Ran once took part in a girl group project challenge on KBS2’s “Sister’s Slam Dunk” in 2016. Along with Ra Mi Ran, Kim Sook, Min Hyo Rin, Tiffany, Jessi, and Hong Jin Kyung also participated as members of the girl group project Unnies.

Ra Mi Ran bad mom

They went through rigorous training as if for an actual debut. The members practiced choreography, recorded music and performed on live stage. Their debut song “Shut Up” topped major music charts in Korea. 

Ra Mi Ran Slam Dunk

Apart from Ra Mi Ran in the upcoming “The Good Bad Mother,” Kim Sook and Hong Jin Kyung continue to participate in entertainment programs. Tiffany appeared as Rachel in the recently ended “Reborn Rich” and is participating as a judge in “Peak Time.”

Jessi shows off her sense of entertainment by appearing in “Sixth Sense” and continues her music activities. Min Hyo Rin is devoted to parenting after giving birth last year.

Sources: daum

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