“You don’t know who I am?” A Kpop girl group member got upset about not being recognized on the street

Raina, former member of famous Kpop girl group “After School”, expressed her disappointment. 

Former After School and Orange Caramel member Raina recently posted a photo on her Instagram story with the caption: “Why didn’t you recognize me and even asked for my number? Should I introduce myself?”

In the photo, Raina was dressed comfortably in her daily clothes while walking on the street at night. The female idol also boasted an innocent and youthful feature despite being bare faced, with her mouth making a pouty expression that added to her cuteness.

It is presumed that people on the street asked for Raina’s phone number, without recognizing her as a former Kpop girl group member.

Netizens who saw the post responded with comments like: “You obviously look like a girl group member”, “It’s because you’re so pretty”, and “You’re not bragging, are you?

Raina made her debut back in 2009 with After School’s 2nd album “Because of You”, before joining the group’s sub-unit Orange Caramel, which scored a lot of hit songs like “Catallena”, “Lipstick”, and “Shanghai Romance”, and was well-known for its quirky and unique concept. 

As After School and Orange Caramel both became inactive, Raina started to promote as a solo artist, releasing various singles and K-drama OSTs.

Source: insight

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