A high school girl who was famous in Cheongdam-dong for her beauty 14 years ago is now this actress

Lee Min Jung’s photos from her past continue to become a hot topic. 

One of the leading beauties of the Korean screen, Lee Min Jung, recently drew explosive reactions by releasing photos taken during the peak of her visuals 14 years ago. On May 17, Lee Min Jung posted three unreleased past photos of her on Instagram. She wrote, “I opened my Cyworld photo album… Wow, photos that are full of memories. 14 years ago? Oh my…”

The first photo shows Lee Min Jung with mid-length black hair and natural makeup. She was wearing an ordinary ivory T-shirt, but her goddess-like, innocent aura is radiant.

Lee Min Jung

The second photo looks like it was taken with a film camera, giving off nostalgic vibes. Lee Min Jung was staring at the camera with her head slightly tilted, giving off dreamy vibes.

Lee Min Jung

The third photo was the one that was viral among Korean netizens in the early days of Lee Min Jung’s debut. She was wearing a school uniform, with a white shirt, grey cardigan, striped tie, and holding orange juice in her mouth.

Lee Min Jung

Cyworld, a social networking platform that was very popular in Korea in the early 2000s, recently reopened its services through a photo recovery process, and Lee Min Jung also accessed it and checked her old photos.

Netizens are all in love with Lee Min Jung’s mesmerizing past photos, praising her beauty through comments such as:

  • “Aren’t these photos taken 14 minutes ago?”
  • “A Pandora’s box of Lee Min Jung’s past has been opened and there is no dark history”
  • “She is such a goddess”
  • “Lee Min Jung’s beauty is always at its peak”

Lee Min Jung attended Cheongdam Elementary School – Cheongdam Middle School – Hyundai High School. She went to school near Cheongdam and Apgujeong of Gangnam district, the richest neighborhood in Seoul. From her childhood, Lee Min Jung was called one of “Gangnam’s Top 5 ulzzangs (best faces)” because of her pretty looks. 

Lee Min Jung

After that, Lee Min Jung went to Sungkyunkwan University’s department of Acting and Arts to pursue her dream of becoming an actress. Lee Min Jung has been acting for nearly 20 years. She made her official debut in the movie “Someone Special” in 2004. She then rose to fame after appearing with her iconic short hair in the 2009 drama “Boys Over Flowers.” She is married to actor Lee Byung Hun and has one child. 

Source: Daum

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