Falling in love with traditional clothing in famous Korean period dramas: Ha Ji Won’s smash hit still reigns after many years

These traditional attires manage to steal the spotlight for their accurate, colorful and meaningful designs. 

1. Moon Lovers

Moon Lovers” is one of the rare period drama hits in the Korean drama scene. In the series, IU time-travels from the 21st century to the past where she meets her star-crossed lover with princes of this time. While the drama was inspired from a Chinese novel, the show still maintains an accurate depiction of Korea in the years around 940, under the reign of King Taejo. The costumes are truthful but with minor changes in style and color, creating a unique tint to the characters in their different life phases. 

2. Mr. Queen

Mr. Queen” is another time-travel drama taking place under the Cheoljong era. During its air, the series was praised for its historically accurate costumes, especially of the residents in the palace. Notably, the drama paid attention to details by providing the main couple with color coordinated outfits when they feel a connection with each other. 

3. Alchemy Of Souls

Alchemy of Soul” is a complete fantasy drama set in a fictional Korea. Therefore, the hanbok costumes are altered in bright colors and do not put much emphasis on historical accuracy. Each character has a representative outfit that varies across seasons. The set of colorful attires make a difference that distinguish the show from other period dramas. 

4. Empress Ki 

“Empress Ki” is a Korean classic drama hit against a grand backdrop. Setting itself from other similar works, the show does not use traditional Hanbok but instead makes use of “Hanfu” (traditional Han Chinese clothing). The king and queen’s attires make a strong impression on the viewers for its bedazzlement and meticulous crown designs. 

Source: K14

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