A female celebrity, who is from the prestigious KAIST, graduated early from a science high school because she was so smart

This female celebrity graduated from a science high school early and even went to KAIST, where she received a casting offer. Let’s find out the identity of this actress!

On August 30th, Yoon So-hee posted a photo of her on her own Instagram, saying, “Things that are necessary for dorm life.”

In the photos Yoon So-hee posted, she was at a place that appears to be a hypermarket. She was holding large boxes of cereals, chocolate spreads, wipes, etc., and it seems that she is buying necessary items for the dormitory.

In her photos, Yoon So-hee covered her face with a mask, but it was difficult for her to hide her celebrity aura, such as her unique big and attractive eyes.

yoon so hee

As a new semester is starting soon, her mention of ‘dormitory’ aroused many netizens’ curiosity, and soon her Yoon So-hee’s attendance at KAIST became a hot topic.

Yoon is 29 years old this year. She was born in Germany in 1993 and returned to Korea when she was 6 years old. She started building her skills at an academy for the gifted and soon found her dream, which is to become an actress.

However, facing strong opposition from her parents, Yoon So-hee went to Sejong Science High School with her interest in chemistry, and she graduated early with excellent grades and entered KAIST’s Department of Biochemical Engineering as an 11th grader. 

yoon so hee

After her college admission was confirmed, she went to a gym to improve her physical strength. This was where she was cast by a staff of SM Entertainment.

It is said that her parents eventually recognized their daughter’s future due to the devotion of Yoon So-hee, who spent about a year going back and forth between Seoul and Daejeon every day as a trainee at her agency.

She made her debut with a lot of attention when she appeared in a series of music videos for ‘Wolf’ and ‘Growl’ by SM Entertainment idol EXO in 2013.

Yoon So-hee, who saw an opportunity while appearing as a supporting role in KBS 2TV’s ‘The Blade and Petal’, was cast in the tvN mukbang drama ‘Let’s eat’ in the same year. She was praised for her ability to digest a variety of roles.

yoon so hee

Since then, she has built her career as an actress through many different main and supporting roles in ‘Big Man’, ‘Marriage, Not Dating’, ‘Secret Door’, ‘The Emperor – Owner of the Mask’. Especially in ‘The Emperor – Owner of the Mask’, she has broadened her acting spectrum by playing the role of a mother who lost her young child.

On the other hand, Yoon So-hee said that she couldn’t attend her classes because she was busy with her acting career, but she recently reported that she was staying in a dormitory in KAIST and has returned to school.

yoon so hee

It is known that for her KAIST graduation, which is known to be much more difficult than the admission, Yoon So-hee is concentrating on her studies, and she is said to be scheduling her work after her graduation as much as possible.

yoon so hee

Even in June, she posted a view of the KAIST dormitory on Instagram and drew attention by writing “Spring semester is over”. She was a guest on tvN STORY’s ‘Somehow Adults Season 2’ aired on August 11th. 

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