Is Kang Daniel leaving LM? Rumour of Seungri introducing him to a new investor

WANNA ONE ex-member Kang Daniel is rumored to be preparing to go on his own way.

Kang Daniels is reportedly looking for a new partner, while sending content proofs to the agency to terminate the contract. Although no exact date has been set for Kang Daniel’s comeback, it is said that he is preparing for the album with a goal of making a comeback in April.

The reason behind Kang Daniel’s move is known to be Seungri from BIG BANG. It is said that Kang Daniel met a woman in her 40s in Hong Kong last year introduced by Sungri during the WANNA ONE activity. This woman, who is linked to Kang Daniel through Seungri, has started to raise rumors about this as she has been meeting investors to attract Kang Daniel.

Kang’s agency has been working together for the past three weeks to make a smooth resolution. Kang Daniel is still discussing with his agency to solve the problem.

Amid the hot interest during his WANNA ONE era, Kang Daniels left MMO Entertainment with Yoon Ji-sung and built a bird’s nest at LM Entertainment. LM promised to try their best to support Kang Daniel and Yoon Ji-sung’s career. When asked about Kang Daniel’s current situation with the agency, LM said, “It is part of a misunderstanding between the company and the artist, it is not a full-time contract termination. We will do our best to actively communicate and reach a smooth agreement.

Attention is focusing on how the problems between Kang Daniel and his agency will be resolved in the future. After some clearance, we discovered that what Kang Daniel asked for is not the termination of the contract, but the modification of the contract clause.

LM Entertainment explained that it was true that the idol sent the contents of the contract, but it is not to terminate the contract. LM Entertainment stressed, “We are discussing the amendment of the terms of the contract. We are currently in good discussions and stressed that the contract is not terminated.

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