A difficult move from the choreography of NMIXX’s “O.O” is suspected of plagiarizing Xu Jiaqi’s signature “scorpion leg” dance  

Fans are defending NMIXX by saying their senior TWICE’s Momo even did this dance first! 

JYP’s rookie girl group NMIXX officially made their debut on February 22nd. Contrary to the high expectations, the public’s reactions to NMIXX’s debut have been mixed. Not only is the quality of the title track “O.O” being questioned, NMIXX also gets embroiled in controversies over alleged plagiarism, from the MV’s concept and visuals looking similar to ATEEZ’s MV, to the outfits being called out on copying ideas by foreign designer FRISKMEGOOD.


But it does not stop there. Recently, after NMIXX’s first dance performance for “O.O” on Weekly Idol was released, some netizens have noticed a point dance move from the choreography of “O.O” looked very similar to the viral “scorpion leg” dance move by Xu Jiaqi (THE9).

NMIXX had their first dance performance of “O.O” on Weekly Idol

Xu Jiaqi’s “scorpion leg” move for the song “LION” once became a viral dance challenge, especially on TikTok. Since “O.O” also has the same dance move, some netizens are suspecting NMIXX’s choreographer of plagiarizing Xu Jiaqi. 

NMIXX’s choreography than can cause anyone a back pain
The leg dance…
 Xu Jiaqi
… is said to be similar to Xu Jiaqi’s choreography

However, NMIXX’s fans defend the group by showing that this choreography was once performed by TWICE’s Momo in 2018. As can be seen, the performance from the KBS Song Festival 2018 stage by Momo also has similar movements like those of NMIXX or Xu Jiaqi.

Momo’s dance moves also bear some similarities
Momo (TWICE) – Solo Dance Y (Youth)

Some dance moves similar to others is not an uncommon thing in Kpop. Each performance has its own distinctive features that require the effort and skill of the artist. This time, perhaps netizens were too strict with NMIXX when thinking that this is an act of plagiarism.

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