NMIXX’s first dance performance of debut song “O.O” receives positive reactions 

Netizens say “O.O” sounds better in NMIXX’s first dance performance on “Weekly Idol”. 

The debut of JYP’s new girl group NMIXX has been drawing mixed reactions. The debut title track “O.O” is a mixture of different sounds and genres, making it hard to attract general listeners and thereby fail to rank high on digital charts. According to many netizens, NMIXX’s debut falls short of expectations and cannot compare to the successful debuts of their JYP’s senior girl groups like Miss A, TWICE or ITZY. However, yesterday (February 23), after NMIXX had a dance performance of “O.O” for the first time on Weekly Idol, Korean netizens’ reactions to the group’s debut song has gotten more positive. 

This video is generating a frenzy on YouTube Korea, where it is currently ranked 10th in the top trending after only a few hours. Knetizens stated that O.O did not wow them when they watched the MV, but that as they saw the full dance performance, the song surprisingly became more catchy. Furthermore, Korean netizens began admiring JYP’s rookies for their great performance and dance abilities. NMIXX members possess good dancing skills and amazing stage presences. Netizens believed that the group will continue to cause viral infection when performing O.O on music shows.

NMIXX Weekly Idol
NMIXX Weekly Idol
It’s impossible to bash the JYP girl group’s dancing skills
NMIXX Weekly Idol
Knetizens think that when looking at the overall choreography and performance, NMIXX’s debut song sounds more attractive.

Some comments:

  • After listening to it many times, I realized that this song is also good. Lily sings well and dances well.
  • The song is still pretty weird but NMIXX’s skills are overwhelming.
  • The choreography was difficult but they still did better than expected.
  • They’re pretty and their skills are good, but I don’t understand why their debut song is such a complicated song.
  • To be honest, I was quite disappointed at first when I heard the debut song because I’ve been waiting for NMIXX for half a year. But after watching this video, I found it quite interesting. Looking forward to seeing NMIXX at music shows.
NMIXX Weekly Idol
NMIXX Weekly Idol
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