NMIXX’s debut MV is not as successful in Korea as expected, YouTube views is the only achievement that saves JYP’s face

JYP’s girl groups have always had a successful debut, but it seems that when it comes to NMIXX, the company lost its luck.

After a long wait with much anticipation from viewers, NMIXX finally officially debuted on February 22nd. The group released the product on the “TWOsday”, the company was also extremely thoughtful with the introduction: “O.O shows the face with eyes wide open in surprise, symbolizing the exclamation ‘Oh!’ when you see something new. The MV will show the powerful choreography and confidence of the group All-Ace (7 vocals, 7 dances, 7 visuals) to reach the limitless top together”.

NMIXX O.O YouTube views
JYP’s introduction of NMIXX and the debut song sounds exciting 
NMIXX O.O YouTube views
But are the results as expected?

The project has been prepared for a long time, but the debut results are quite disappointing. O.O’s digital music is downright pathetic. It seems that JYP boasted a bit early, thinking that it would make the audience’s eyes wide with surprise at NMIXX’s destructive power. The company itself might now have their eyes wide open in disbelief at the poor achievement of NMIXX in Korea.

NMIXX O.O YouTube views
Are NMIXX’s digital music results too lame?

However, on the international market, NMIXX’s achievements are much better. The album reached no.1 iTunes Album Chart in four countries and no.2 worldwide. In the Worldwide iTunes Song Chart category, the title song OO took the 82nd place, b-side song TANK is at 452.

And the most impressive achievement that saved NMIXX’s face is YouTube views. The JYP girls have achieved nearly 19.8 million views, making it the most viewed video and MV in the past 24 hours on Youtube. At the same time, the MV ranked 1st in global trending on Youtube and reached the top trending in 40 countries. However, it is a bit unfortunate that the group only stopped at 2nd place in the debut MV chart with the highest views in Kpop, behind aespa.

NMIXX O.O YouTube views
YouTube views are the only prominent achievement that NMIXX has achieved
NMIXX O.O YouTube views
NMIXX took over ITZY from the same company but couldn’t beat aespa

NMIXX is expected to be a formidable rookie of Kpop this year, continuing the successful tradition of JYP with girl group projects. But with what we are seeing now, perhaps the success of NMIXX is still doubtful. After 4 generations of extremely smooth girl group debuts, is it time for JYP to lose its luck?

NMIXX O.O YouTube views
Let’s wait and see if NMIXX can turn the tables!
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