Fans are worried about Infinite Sung Jong’s health as he only weighs 50.7kg while being 180 tall

Fans are worried that Infinite’s Sung Jong might be underweight. 

On February 23rd, Sung Jong posted a picture taken of a weight scale on his Instagram story.  He weighs 50.7kg in the picture. It’s hard to believe considering that he’s 180cm tall on his profile.  His body mass index (BMI) based on the obesity treatment guidelines of the Korean Society For The Study Of Obesity is 15.43, which is underweight. 

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Infinite Sung Jong

Sung Jong must have been shocked by his skinny body as well, as he attached an emoticon of a face covering its mouth with the caption “Is my weight even real?” Fans left comments with concerns, such as “Did he lose a lot of weight because he was busy?” “I’m so worried about his health,” and “Please eat more.”

Infinite Sung Jong

Meanwhile, Sung Jong made his debut as a member of Infinite. His exclusive contract with Woollim Entertainment expired in January.

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