“A chance of tears”…Will Kim Seon-ho’s debut movie “Sad Tropical” hit the jackpot or become his “sad return”?

Kim Seon-ho (36) is about to take the first step towards his return. 

Kim Seon-ho Sad Tropical

Kim Seon-ho will attend the script reading of the movie “Sad Tropical (Director Park Hoon-jung)” on Dec 4th. In a situation where Kim Seon-ho was unable to make any significant moves after the controversy over his private life that could damage his image, the best way to go right now has been paved.

Sad Tropical” revolves around a boy, who was born by a Korean father and a Filipino mother. He dreams of becoming a boxer and comes to Korea to find his father. Alongside Kim Seon-ho, Kim Kang-woo and Go A-ra, Kang Tae-joo – a rookie who was cast out of 1980 people – will play the lead role.

It can be considered a “golden opportunity” for Kim Seon-ho. “Dog Days (Director Kim Deok-min)” and “2 O’Clock Date (Director Lee Sang-geun)” went through a quick drop-off process due to his personal issues which arose at that moment, but “Sad Tropical” survived.

Kim Seon-ho

Director Park Hoon-jung‘s trust in Kim Seon-ho seems to have played a major role. Rumor has it that he solidified the decision to “accompany Kim Seon-ho” even in a difficult situation.

Of course, he did not say “definitely Kim Seon-ho“. It is true that the production team of “Sad Tropical” struggled with their heads wrapped around, and it is also true that the scenario was handed over to actors of the same age as Kim Seon-ho or director Park Hoon-jung‘s close friends. Even their real names were mentioned. However, the final result was still Kim Seon-ho.

It is concluded that investors, distributors and producers worked against the clock. In the meantime, favorable public opinion about Kim Seon-ho cannot be ruled out.

Kim Seon-ho

In particular, according to some officials, Kim Seon-ho met director Park Hoon-jung in person and had a frank conversation. He had no choice but to run towards director Park Hoon-jung‘s call to deal with what had happened because of him.

Kim Seon-ho succeeded in getting a chance, but he still has more to prove. As it is his debut movie and no special data has been accumulated, it is necessary for him to show off his acting skills that do not require words to convince the public as well as his image transformation according to the character.

Not only Kim Seon-ho, but director Park Hoon-jung also embraced burdens and responsibilities. Although he is still described as the director of “New World“, the public is focusing on whether his successful filmography with “The Tiger: An Old Hunter’s Tale“, “V.I.P.“, “The Witch“, “Night in Paradise” will be affected by “Sad Tropical“. The movie will start its first shooting on Dec 10th.


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