Lee Na Young, BLACKPINK’s Rosé, and Han So Hee Share The Same Essential Item in Their Bags – Here What It Is

Lee Na Young, BLACKPINK’s Rosé, Han So Hee have unveiled their common favorite item.

On May 31st, a video titled “Lee Na Young’s In My Bag, Revealed for the First Time Since Debut” was uploaded on the YouTube channel “Vogue Korea.”

In the video, Lee Na Young says, “I don’t carry many things with me, but the item I search for the most is wired earphones. When they get tangled, people around me often say ‘stop it,’ but I feel like there needs to be a cord for a conversation to happen. I still have that sentiment.”


With the recent popularization of wireless earphones, wired earphones, which are a product of the Y2K era, are becoming forgotten. In fact, the latest smartphones no longer have separate jacks for connecting wired earphones.

However, wireless earphones offer the convenience of being cordless, but they require charging like mobile phones, which can be inconvenient. 

BLACKPINK’s Rosé also loves wired earphones. On May 25th, what Rosé carries in her bag was revealed through the YouTube channel “Vogue France.”


Rosé revealed luxury sunglasses, wallets, pouches, and especially mentioned a cylindrical case as an essential item. Inside the cylindrical case, there were wired earphones.

Rosé explained, “I usually don’t use AirPods. I’m not good at charging them. Personally, it’s difficult for me to charge anything other than my phone. So, I carry classic wired earphones that don’t need to be charged.”

Han So Hee also revealed in February on the YouTube channel “Allure Korea” that she prefers wired earphones.


In the video, Han So Hee sees tangled earphones and says, “I don’t understand why earphones always end up like this when they’re in the bag. Nowadays, good wireless earphones are available, but I prefer wired earphones like this.” 

Han So Hee continues, “Don’t you sometimes want to use a flip phone or a slide phone instead of a smartphone? Like that, I wanted to use wired earphones.

Source: Newsinside. 

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