YG and HYBE’s stock prices fell slightly after V and Jennie’s dating rumor… Should they announce their position or not?

As the dating rumor between BTS V and Blackpink Jennie was raised the day before, the stock prices of their agencies, HYBE and YG Entertainment, fell slightly.

HYBE‘s stock is trading at 219,000 won as of 9:35 AM on May 24th, down 2,000 won (-0.90%) from the previous day. YG Entertainment‘s stock is trading at 54,300 won as of the same time, down 300 won (-0.55%) from the previous day.

Earlier, on SNS and online communities, posts and photos stating that they saw V and Jennie together on Jeju Island sparked a dating rumor between the two. However, HYBE and YG Entertainment have not made an official statement on the dating rumor yet. After it was raised, E-Daily asked V and Jennie’s agencies, but neither side has responded.

jennie bts v

Jennie’s agency YG has been avoiding answering whenever their singers are embroiled in dating rumors, saying, “It is difficult to confirm because it is the artist’s private life.” Big Hit Music’s response this time is surprising. This is because whenever BTS’ dating rumors were raised, they always expressed their position that “it is not true”.

Source: KDFNews

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