“I don’t feel pressured to grow,” actress Seol-hyun reveals her most affectionate role, new acting experience and pressure on set in new “Singles” pictorial 

Either acting or photo-shooting, Seol-hyun immerses herself in whatever she does. 

On the 24th, lifestyle magazine “Singles” released a pictorial of Kim Seol-hyun, who returned in the drama “Summer Strike” as Lee Yeo-reum, a tragedy-stricken woman who goes to a village to lead an entirely different life by doing nothing. In this village, she meets with a quiet librarian An Dae-beom and learns about who she really is. 

seolhyun summer strike

In the released pictorial, Kim Seol-hyun showed her versatility with varying images and boasted her attractiveness through various holiday stylings. It is said that even the staff on the set were also surprised by immersion in front of the camera almost immediately.

seolhyun singles

When asked if she had any particularly memorable works or affectionate roles, Kim Seol-hyun expressed her strong feelings for “Summer Strike,” “During this work, my perspective on acting has changed a lot thanks to the director. With his direction, I was able to express my interpretation to my heart’s content and play freely,” said the actress in explaining the secret of her character immersion as Yeoreum.

Summer Strike

In regards to the pressure to show better performance, she said, “There is no pressure to show better performance or to grow. I always try to do my best and be sincere in the moment so that I don’t feel such pressure. There is nothing more important than believing in me. To do that, I always control and take care of myself.”

seolhyun singles

Visual photos with Kim Seol-hyun can be found in the January issue of Singles and on the official website.

Source: naver

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