99.99% epidermal cyst… Surgeon “BLACKPINK Jisoo, go to the hospital as soon as possible”

A surgeon advised BLACKPINK Jisoo to worry about an “epidermal cyst”. Epidermal cysts are noncancerous small bumps beneath the skin.

Lee Se-ra, vice chairman of the Korean Society of Surgeons, said in an interview with “Medical Channel After The Rain” released on Nov 8th, “If you look at Jisoo’s picture, there’s a 99.99% probability of an epidermal cyst.”

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Earlier, Jisoo‘s photo spread on SNS showed a lump the size of a coin on her neck, raising rumors of health disorder.

Vice chairman Lee diagnosed, “If you look at (Jisoo’s) age, location and shape, the possibility of an epidermal cyst is high. Jisoo’s cyst is quite swollen. Her lymphadenitis is thin and not clear. Epidermal cysts often grow this way.”

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As for whether it is malignant, he explained, “Benign cysts are small in size. (Jisoo) has a soft benign cyst. The most important characteristic of malignant cysts is that they’re hard and bumpy. Most of the benign cysts are soft, smooth and pretty in shape. It can distinguish between malignancy and benignity by about 70%.” 

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Vice chairman Lee recommended that Jisoo undergo a biopsy even if she has no symptoms. He said, “If you lose a lot of weight or have a fever, you need an immediate examination at the hospital. However, even if you don’t have these symptoms, a biopsy is needed if it’s been more than 2 months since you had lymph glands in your neck.”

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He added, “(Jisoo’s) cyst is very likely to be benign. Nevertheless, if that tumor is left unattended, an infection can develop, leaving a lot of scars on your neck. Treatment after it gets too big is also likely to cause scars. If possible, it’s better to go to an appropriate hospital and undergo surgery as soon as possible when the size isn’t big.”

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