5-year-younger Erling Haaland called BLACKPINK Jisoo “Jisoo noona”.

BLACKPINK Jisoo has a meeting with soccer star Erline Haaland, who is 5 years her junior. 

On the 2nd, a short video was released on the YouTube channel “Coupang Play Sports,” featuring BLACKPINK Jisoo meeting soccer star Erling Haaland.

Here, Jisoo said, “There is a phrase that many Haaland and Manchester City fans in Korea say, which is, ‘Haaland is on fire’. This is a phrase used when someone looks incredibly cool in Korea”.

jisoo blackpink haaland

In response, Erling Haaland said “Haaland is on fire” in Korean with clear pronunciation, invoking praise from Jisoo. 

Jisoo, who was born in 1995 and thus is 5 years older than Haaland, then playfully asked the soccer player to call her “Jisoo noona” (“noona” in Korean means “older sister”). Hearing this, Haaland smiled bashfully. 

Afterwards, the 5-year-younger Erling Haaland called BLACKPINK Jisoo with a lively tone, saying, “Hi, Jisoo noona.” At this, Jisoo couldn’t help but laugh and replied, “Now, we are in a noona-dongsaeng (older sister-younger brother) relationship”. 

On the same day, Haaland also shared his thoughts on his first visit to Korea, his connection with Hwang Hee Chan, who played alongside him at Salzburg, achieving the treble (3 major cups in a season), and his experience at the final league victory celebration, among other things.

Meanwhile, “Coupang Play Sports” will release the full video of Erling Haaland’s interview with BLACKPINK Jisoo at 6 PM (KST) on August 2nd.

Source: Sports Seoul

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