5 female leads who can see ghosts of the Korean screens: Gong Hyo Jin is the most unlucky character

This special ability seems to bring its owners bad luck rather than an advantage.

Topics about supernatural beings are no longer unfamiliar to the Korean screen, especially when the character lines with the ability of seeing ghosts are becoming more and more popular. However, these below characters seem to have a rather ill fate with this special ability. Let’s take a look at the 5 female leads below to verify the above statement! 

1. Na Bong Sun in Oh My Ghost 

Oh My Ghost

Na Bong Sun (played by Park Bo Young) in Oh My Ghost is portrayed as a shy and introverted girl. But she herself also did not want to have that personality. 

The fact that she often feels and sees ghosts and is scared to death by them is one of the main reasons why Na Bong Sun becomes reserved and has little communication with other people. 

She always considers herself unlucky, different from others, and doesn’t want to affect the lives of people around her because she sees things that are not meant to be seen. 

For her, being able to see supernatural beings is the worst ability. Who wants to see scary things all day? Not to mention, she’s a scaredy-cat. 

However, it is thanks to the ability to see ghosts that Na Bong Sun has the opportunity to show her affection for chef Kang Sun Woo. If it weren’t for the ghost girl Soon Ae to enter her body, when would Na Bong Sun‘s feelings be expressed in words? 

This special ability turns out to be a blessing in disguise for Na Bong Sun

2. Tae Gong Shil in Master’s Sun 

Masters Sun

While Na Bong Sun in Oh My Ghost possessed the ability to see spiritual things from a young age, Tae Gong Shil’s (played by Gong Hyo Jin) case in Master’s Sun is partly different as she started having this ability after an accident. 

Since this unexpected ability appeared, Tae Gong Shil‘s life was completely turned upside down. From a confident, top-performing girl in school who was pursued by many boys and was once likened to the big sun, she has become close-mouthed, quiet and somewhat eccentric. Her academic performance and quality of life also go down. 

Tae Gong Shil almost collapsed with a dark life, shunned by everyone, which is completely contrary to the bright life that she once had before the accident. She is also easily possessed by spirits when she’s not fully awake. 

Masters Sun

However, the character Tae Gong Shil is not necessarily unlucky when she finally meets the person who has the ability to help her chase away ghosts, who is the cold director Joo Joong Won. It can be said that the guy is her destiny. 

Many think the character Tae Gong Shil is a lot more unlucky than Na Bong Sun because it’s definitely harder to accept life’s sudden disruption because of the ability than to be born with it. 

3. Jin Sun Mi in A Korean Odyssey 

A Korean Odyssey 

Considered as the Korean version of Journey to the West, A Korean Odyssey owns the same character line as the original such as Monkey King, Pigsy, Sandy, Tang Seng. However, the biggest difference is that A Korean Odyssey is set in modern times and the characters’ appearance is also clearly different. 

A Korean Odyssey 

Specifically, the female lead Jin Sun Mi (played by Oh Yeon Seo) in the drama has the same role as the character Tang Seng, whose blood has the smell of lotus that attracts monsters. In addition, she also possesses the ability to see monsters, which is why Jin Sun Mi has had many troubles since she was a child. 

However, a more prominent feature of Jin Sun Mi compared to the previous two female leads who can see ghosts is that she has a relatively strong personality and possesses the ability to eliminate and conquer monsters. 

A Korean Odyssey 

Because of this, although she sometimes still needs to be protected and helped by the character Monkey King – Son Oh Gong (played by Lee Seung Gi), her very own independence still shows. 

Jin Sun Mi is not only the female lead who has the ability to see the supernatural, she is definitely on the list of strong women of the Korean screen! 

4. Hong Ji A in Sell Your Haunted House 

Sell Your Haunted House

Similar to the character Jin Sun Mi in A Korean Odyssey, Hong Ji A (played by Jang Nara) of Sell Your Haunted House has both the ability to see spirits and the ability to acquire and liberate them. 

Sell Your Haunted House

In Sell Your Haunted House, the character Hong Ji A is portrayed as a girl who possesses the ability inherited from her mother and follows her mother’s career as an exorcist. She opened a special real estate company that only accepts customers who own haunted houses or land. 

Hong Ji A is not only financially independent, but also possesses a unique personality, self-control, and the ability to see the souls of the dead. 

Playing the role of Hong Ji A, Jang Nara is highly appreciated from the visuals to the acting. Especially in scenes that require actions or coordination with her co-star, she has shown her ability to handle situations and perform flexibly. 

Although Hong Ji A in Sell Your Haunted House has the ability to see ghosts, she not only can control her fear, but also rely on it to make a living. In this respect, Hong Ji A has already surpassed all the others on this list! 

5. Kang Ha Ram in Black


The last one on this list is Kang Ha Ram from Black

Black was released in 2017, exploiting the topic of romantic fantasy. A special feature of the drama is that the female lead Kang Ha Ram possesses the ability to see characters belonging to another world. Moreover, she can feel and foresee the departure of others. 

Owning this terrifying ability, Kang Ha Ram is always reserved and tries to avoid contact with others. Because although she has the ability to see other people’s deaths, she cannot change their fates. 

An interesting point about the character Kang Ha Ram is that although she is not very happy with her ability to see terrifying beings, she does not completely deny it. If she can help others, she is always ready to use her power. 

Kang Ha Ram is not exactly a character with the personality of a strong woman, but she always has her very own source of positive energy that no other character on this list has. This is also what makes viewers love this character. 

After going through the list of 5 female leads with the ability to see ghosts on Korean screens. Do you think that the initial assumption that they all have a bad fate is correct? Please let us know your opinion! 


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