Movie premiere turned award show: Rosé (BLACKPINK) boasted an angelic beauty alongside Song Ji Hyo while Bi Rain strut into the limelight following malicious rumors 

The A-list star lineup quickly turned the VIP movie premiere into a red carpet event. 

On the 20th, at the VIP premier of the movie “Remember” in Seoul turned award show’s red carpet, attracting attention of fans across Asia, thanks to the appearance of a powerful lineup, including Rosé (BLACKPINK), Bi Rain, Song Ji Hyo, Nam Joo Hyuk, Cha Eun Woo

At the event, Rosé became a highlight thanks to her chic and elegant fashion with a lovely face capturing the full attention of photographers. 

Song Ji Hyo shone brightly under the camera flashing. Bi Rain turned heads as that was the first time the actor and singer appeared following the lawsuit against the poster of him cheating. 

Rosé boasted an elegant and chic look, earning the spotlight on the red carpet of the “Remember” premiere 
Her lovely and sweet image but no less sharp captured fans’ attention 
Song Ji Hyo
Song Ji Hyo with a plain outfit is enough to praise her desired physique. Her smile melted viewers with ease 
Song Ji Hyo
The actress did seem aged a little under the flashlight 
Bi rain
Bi Rain appeared before the public after filing against the perpetrator of his cheating on Kim Tae Hee. He wore a simple everyday outfit 
Bi rain
Groundless rumors cannot affect the life of Bi Rain couple 
Cha Eun Woo
 Cha Eun Woo boasted a perfect visual that shone bright every event he goes 
Cha Eun Woo
Fans all swoon over his flawless beauty 
Nam Joo Hyuk
Nam Joo Hyuk struck an impression with his tall and bulky appearance that stood out among the stars 
Nam Joo Hyuk
He is enlisting in the military in upcoming December 
Kwon Nara
Kwon Nara showed off her lovely style and class 
Oh Hyun Kyung
Miss Korea 1989 Oh Hyun Kyung was draped in white, exuding power 
Gong Seung Yeon
Gong Seung Yeon carefully showcased her slim waist
Lee el
Lee El’s sharp face 
Kim Nam Gil
Kim Nam Gil of the series “Queen Seon Deok” and “My Lovely Sam Soon” 
Byun Yo Han
The signature bearded look was easily recognizable on Byun Yo Han 
Jun Hyun Moo
Famous MC Jun Hyun Moo wore comfortable clothing for the event 
Yoo Tae Oh
Yoo Tae Oh became a familiar face with “Vagabond” and “Leto” 

Source: Dispatch, Starnews

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