4th Gen Male Idol Who Received Business Cards from Big4 Companies SM, YG, HYBE Before Debuting

Thanks to his handsome visuals, this male idol once caught the attention of major companies. 

Woo Kyung Jun is a member of 4th gen boy group TNX under P Nation that debuted last year. Born in 2002 in Australia, he is also known by his English name Justin Woo and has been gaining attention for his handsome looks with striking features.

woo kyung jun

Initially, Woo Kyung Jun had dreams of becoming a surgical doctor. However, upon returning to Korea, he received business cards from Big 4 entertainment companies such as YG, SM, HYBE on the streets, which sparked his desire to become a K-pop idol.

Woo Kyung Jun was once a trainee at BTS’s agency Big Hit Music before participating in SBS’s boy group survival program “Loud” and making his debut in TNX.

woo kyung jun

The competition in the K-pop industry is fierce, with many aspiring trainees vying for a chance to debut and make it big. However, Woo Kyung Jun’s potential has already been recognized by some of the biggest players in the game, making him a rising star to watch out for.

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