Fashion reporters at YTN give their opinions on the best and worst outfits of recent fashion appearances 

Song Ji Hyo is well-received for her coordination while Kim Hee Jung is not so much for the same reason. 

Song Ji Hyo 

Song Ji Hyo

Actress Song Ji Hyo receives the best ranking for her outfit. The mint color goes well with the bright weather of spring and complements Song Ji Hyo’s elegance and luxury air. The actress appears slimmer in a cropped top.



The critics were objectionable to the scrunchy material and uneven splashes of colors. Yet, they all agree Hwasa to be the only one who is capable of pulling off such a difficult outfit. One reporter even said that they could only imagine Hwasa to be the one wearing it. However, the only minus point is her footwear. r A reporter said she could have gone for a pedicure in for the sandals. 

“The Glory” star Cha Joo Young

Cha Joo-young

While Cha Joo Young’s makeup and hairstyle are praised for suiting the actress, the critics take offense at her outfit for creating a bulky and heavy look. All of the reporters recognized the bold belt was the part that made her outfit “uncomfortable” and “burdensome” for the wearer. One lamented the colorful appearance of Cha Joo Young’s character on-screen, only to exchange for a plain and washed look at events. 

Baek Jin Hee

Baek Jin-hee

In her appearance, Baek Jin Hee shows her cute charm as always. However, the reporters agree on one thing, that is, the outfit looks too big on her. While the features such as the puffy shoulders, pleated skirt and bow are to generate a cute charm, they are simply overshadowed by the size itself. Even the actress looks as if she were swimming in it. 

Kim Hee Jung

Kim Hee-jung

Kim Hee Jung’s outfit is remarked to be a list of “intense items” put together. While individual items can look attractive and sensual separately, they are too much together. The excessive use of branded items somewhat produced a countereffect. 

Source: Naver

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