44-year-old singer challenged aespa Winter’s stage makeup…Side profile was 99% in sync 

Fans’ expectations for the new album are high as aespa will return 10 months after the second mini-album “Girls”.


While posts related to aespa are drawing attention on various SNS, a YouTube video of singer Lee Ji Hye is being re-examined.

In December last year, Lee Ji Hye uploaded a video titled “Gwanjong Un-ni’s Winter cover makeup” through her YouTube channel.


The video showed Lee Ji Hye challenging aespa Winter‘s stage makeup.

Lee Ji Hye said, “Actually on the Internet, there were a lot of sayings like this, ‘She is Tapgol Taeyeon.’ You probably have heard this a lot. But recently, there is a bit of Winter.

She continued, “There were some saying like this among the staff. It’s been requested to see if there is Winter, so I filmed this video.


Lee Ji Hye, who began to receive makeup in earnest, drew attention by showing off a visual that gradually resembled Winter.

In particular, Lee Ji Hye’s side profile was 99% in sync with Winter.

Lee Ji Hye sent a video letter to Winter, “It would be really embarrassing if I actually meet Winter. Anyway, Winter. If we meet, let’s greet each other happily.

She added, “If I get a good amount of views, I will do Taeyeon next.

Source: Insight

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