Kim Chae Won, “LE SSERAFIM members were all curious about ‘HMLYCP’”

LE SSERAFIM member Kim Chae Won showed her bold appearance as a fixed member of an entertainment program. 

LE SSERAFIM Kim Chae Won is expected to attract attention with her “quiet but impactful” as the 5th member of the cast on ENA’s new entertainment program “HMLYCP”. 

kim chae won

“HMLYCP” depicts the lives of the cast members who struggle to settle comfortably in a remote countryside era. Kim Chae Won will be on the show with Lee Hye Ri, (G)I-DLE Cho Mi Yeon, LeeJung, and Choi Ye Na.

Ahead of the first broadcast, Kim Chae Won shared her thoughts about “HMLYCP” in an interview. 

Revealing that she was very excited to be on “HMLYCP”, Kim Chae Won said, “This is my first time being a fixed member on a variety show. I heard I would work with Hye Ri unnie for this show in the first meeting. I really looked forward to working with her because I’ve liked her since a long time ago and watched lots of her shows.”

kim chae won

Regarding her chemistry with the members of “HMLYCP”, the LE SSERAFIM member confessed, “All of them are bright and have great personalities so we easily get along with each other. I had so much fun when I was with them and we completed the shoot comfortably.”

When asked about how she adjusted herself as the only I (introverted) person among the E (extroverted) members. Kim Chae Won said, “Since all the members of my group LE SSERAFIM are all I, I was a little bit exhausted by the overwhelming tension of ‘HMLYCP’ cast members at first. Luckily, I got used to that environment quickly. It was fun watching E members playing around and I liked being with funny people.”

Mentioning LE SSERAFIM members’ support for her first ‘fixed cast’ appearance, Kim Chae Won shared, “They are all fans of ‘HMLYCP’ members so I think they were curious and jealous”.

Regarding the experiences she gained from this first variety show challenge, Kim Chae Won said, “I don’t know why people kept laughing at me but I felt nice seeing everyone laugh at what I said and receiving their attention. This was a variety show where I could show my honest and normal self. I really enjoyed the fun games”.

kim chae won

Lastly, she said, “Please look forward to ‘HMLYCP’ and watch it live”.

The new entertainment program “HMLYCP”, featuring Kim Chae Won’s first appearance as a fixed member, will premiere at 7:50 p.m. on March 12th. 

Source: Daum

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