42-year-old Kang Dong-won Looks Like A Handsome College Student In Baseball Jacket

The movie “Dr. Cheon and The Lost Talisman” starring Kang Dong-won is at the top of the box office in Korea

“Dr. Cheon and The Lost Talisman” is a movie about a fake exorcist Dr. Cheon (played by Kang Dong-won), who does not believe in ghosts but has ghostly insight, was hired to handle a powerful case.

Recently, the stage greeting of the cast sparked a heated response from the audience with a variety of fan services, ranging from original goods giving events to selfie events. Kang Dong-won, who is 42 years old, stood out with his handsome visuals in a college jacket.

The audience who watched the movie are sending their praises, saying, “I want to see this kind of visual perfect, chemistry perfect, and fresh action on the big screen again,” “Kang Dong-won’s coolness, Lee Dong-hwi’s witty humor, Heo Jun-ho’s acting skills are amazing!” “I couldn’t get out of Kang Dong-won’s visuals in the movie,” and “Watching a fun movie in Chuseok with my 7th grader daughter! It’s a good movie to watch with my family,” “I felt that he was an actor who lived up to his name. It’s fun to see it in person,” “In short, entertaining movies!”

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