Kwon Mina is recovering her daily life after trying to make an extreme choice

The new photos that Kwon Mina posted on SNS seem to show that her spirit and health have become better.

On August 6, Kwon Mina shared selfies on her Instagram account to inform fans of her recent situation.

She appears to have regained his health and seems to be relatively calm. Fans, on the other hand, are saddened by the scar left on her wrist.

On the 29th of last month, it was reported that the former AOA member had attempted suicide and was taken to the hospital for emergency stitches.

Earlier, she returned home on August 4 after being released from the hospital and posted a long status line expressing her suffocation: “I am so depressed and tired of everything without understanding why I am like this. If I said that it was because I felt sorry for myself, would you believe me?”

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