4 Korean actresses rise to stardom in 2022 thanks to hit TV series

Thanks to the opportunity to star in good projects, these actresses have risen to fame in 2022.

1. Park Eun Bin

Park Eun Bin started her career as a child actress, until she became an adult, she persisted in pursuing an acting career, participating in many well-invested works. However, she only began to receive a lot of attention after the drama The King’s Affection. Her notoriety didn’t start to take off until she made an appearance in the popular series Extraordinary Attorney Woo in 2022. Up to now Park Eun Bin has continued to benefit from the drama even though it has been over for a quite long time, she consistently tops the popularity charts each week.

2. Kim Se Jeong

Earlier this year, Kim Se Jeong was a prominent name and dominated all reputation charts thanks to her memorable role in A Business Proposal. In fact, Kim Se Jeong is not a new face, she started her career as an idol. She then made her acting debut, but she had yet got worthy attention. Prior to A Business Proposal, she once achieved success with The Uncanny Counter. 

Kim Se Jeong is beautiful and talented as an actor, but she had worked hard for many years without yet making a splash. Up to the start of 2022, she attained unprecedented levels of popularity. Kim Se Jeong’s career unfortunately took a step back with the currently airing Today’s Webtoon because she was too eager to return after A Business Proposal.

3. Park Ji Hoo

In early 2022, the zombie blockbuster All of Us Are Dead brought sudden attention to Park Ji Hoo, a rookie Korean actress. Park Ji Hoo had begun her career shortly prior to this drama. She occasionally appeared in supporting roles and starred in a few short films.

Thanks to All of Us Are Dead, Park Ji Hoo started a new chapter of her career.  Not only getting more attention, she also had the opportunity to take on the main role in the Little Women project, alongside famous actors. However, Park Ji Hoo’s acting skills are still not really good, so she still received mixed opinions from the public.

4. Jung So Min

Jung So Min has been an actress for more than 10 years and is a familiar face to Korean audiences.  However, despite working for a long time, she did not receive the attention she deserves, partly because she had not found a breakthrough work.

By 2022, Jung So Min’s career has taken a new step thanks to the fictional historical drama “Alchemy Of Souls“.  After this work aired, Jung So Min received much more attention.  At the end of this year, it is likely that Jung So Min will return in part 2 of this hit series.

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