38-year-old singer Sandara Park, “I may get married next year”

Sandara Park, who previously made a declaration about staying single, suddenly showed her desire to get married.

At the end of its August 9th broadcast, MBC’s entertainment program “Radio Star” revealed the trailer for its new episode featuring Park So Hyun, Park Hyo Joo, Sandara Park and LeoJ.

Radio Star

In the trailer, Park So Hyun said, “I only don’t know idol group that has just debuted”. Park Hyo Joo added, “I’ve been a fan of Park So Hyun since I was in middle & high school”.

Radio Star

Sandara Park then said, “I’m fully into love these days. I’ve become a dating expert now. Maybe I can even get married next year”. Surprised to hear Sandara Park’s words, Park So Hyun wondered, “Didn’t you recently say you wouldn’t get married?”. In response, Sandara Park said, “Ah, I’ll take those words back now”.

Radio Star

Earlier in May, Sandara Park appeared on the web entertainment show “No Back Tak Jae Hoon”. When asked, “Why don’t you get married?”, Sandara Park said, “I’ve decided to stay single. There are too many people around me who failed in marriage”

Radio Star

Meanwhile, Sandara Park was scheduled to attend “THE SUPER STAGE By K-POP” at SM MALL OF ASIA in Manila, the Philippines on August 11th alongside MAMAMOO, Kep1er, and Lapillus, but the concert has been canceled due to poor ticket sales.

Source: Wikitree

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