Kwon Mina mentioned Sulli on a talk show, “She is the only friend with whom I could share my hardships.”

Kwon Mina appeared on the talk show ‘복받으쇼’ and mentioned Sulli (real name Choi Jin Ri)

In the evening of September 1, Kwon Mina appeared as a guest on a talk show called “복받으쇼” which was released on Youtube channel “점점TV”.

During the show, Kwon Mina recalled her past story and mentioned Sulli. She said, “My life in Seoul was not easy, and Sulli was the only friend in Seoul with whom I could share my hardships. We both felt lonely living in Seoul, so we talked and comforted each other a lot.

Kwon Mina shared, “Jinri (Sulli) is a really nice girl. I’m sorry if I make you feel uncomfortable by mentioning her name, but as a friend of Jinri, I want to say that I miss her so much. I want to apologize to her for not realizing her pain when she had a hard time. When I asked her if she was doing fine, she said she felt okay, so I just thought that she was actually okay. I regret that I now have no more chance to talk to her.

Moreover, regarding her claim that she was bullied during AOA activities, Kwon Mina shared, “I didn’t isolate myself. It was the one-sided harassment of that sister. It was my first time being a trainee, so I thought that those hardships were what a trainee should overcome. I was bullied, but I just didn’t recognize that. However, as time went by, I looked around, and one day, I realized that I was the only person who was bullied. They did not only abused me with harsh words, but they also did violence on me.

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