3 upcoming projects of Hyun Bin, who will soon become a father as Son Ye-jin got pregnant

Actor Hyun Bin has not appeared in any work for over 2 years since tvN’s “Crash Landing on You” starring him and his wife Son Ye-jin.

In the meantime, Hyun Bin got married to Son Ye-jin and announced that their second generation had come. Many people are waiting for the next work of Hyun Bin, who will soon become a father. Hyun Bin is expected to continue his passionate moves in the future.

First of all, Hyun Bin will appear in films “The Point Men” and “Confidential Assignment 2: International”, which are scheduled to be released this year. “The Point Men” is a story about a diplomat and a National Intelligence Service (NIS) agent who struggle and risk their lives on foreign soil to save Korean hostages that have been abducted in the Middle East.

Hyun Bin, who plays the role of a NIS agent in the movie, is expected to show off his sculptural visuals and charisma. Along with Hyun Bin, Hwang Jung-min, an “icon of box office success”, and Kang Ki-young, who is enjoying his heyday with ENA’s “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”, will also appear.

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“Confidential Assignment 2: International” tells the story of South Korean, North Korean and American detectives conducting unpredictable global cooperative investigations.

“Confidential Assignment 2: International” serves as the sequel to the 2017 film “Confidential Assignment”, which attracted about 7.81 million viewers. Hyun Bin continues to take on the role of North Korean detective Im Cheol-ryung. Famous actors such as Yoo Hae-jin, Im Yoon-ah, Daniel Henney and Jin Seon-kyu will appear in “Confidential Assignment 2: International” alongside Hyun Bin.

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Aside from these two works, Hyun Bin plans to start filming the movie “Harbin” in the second half of this year. Against the background of Harbin in the early 1900s, “Harbin” tells the story of independence fighters who risked their lives in order to regain their homeland.

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Hyun Bin will express complex emotions such as the loneliness of those living in the era when their country disappeared and the anxiety they felt while risking their lives for the independence movement. In this work, Hyun Bin collaborates with actors Jeon Yeo-bin and Park Jung-min.

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Fans are already curious about Hyun Bin, who will return after more than 2 years.

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